Things to Do in Lyon France

Based on recent statistics, the total number of tourists in Lyon, France is getting bigger and bigger every year. This is because of the amusing attractions that can be found in Lyon, France. That is why you should also try visiting Lyon, France with your family during the holidays. Below is the list of the top four things to do in Lyon France.

Lyon France Visit

1. Walking on the Passage Thiaffait.

Passage Thiaffait is actually one of the several covered passageways in Lyon. It was built in the 19th century. The passage was originally used as a passage for Lyonnais. The Lyonnais liked the passage because they could ferry their goods quickly from their workshops up to the Croix-Rouisse hill. Because of the importance of Passage Thiaffiat to the French, it was restored to its former glory. You can visit the Passage Thiaffiat anytime and you will be able to witness numerous studios and workshops under its roof. Visitors around the globe really like the passage because of its amazing features.

2. Listen to music in the Bec de Jazz.

The enigmatic Chango Dei is actually the one who manages concerts in Bec de Jazz. People love the different styles of music that people can hear in Bec de Jazz. The price that you will pay in order to get inside the building is also reasonable. In the bar area, you will be able to see posters of Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald. While in the upstairs room, you will be amazed by the jazzy musical offerings. The musical offerings will usually be done by Chago Dei himself using his piano. A lot of celebrities and music lovers visit the place so don’t be surprised if you see a bunch of popular people there. Listening to the music in the Bec de Jazz will surely make your evening lovely.

3. Buy books on Librairie Grand-Guigno.

A lot of books are interesting to read but you will surely found more interesting books if you visit the Librairie Grand-Guigno. This library is actually an independent specialist bookshop that offers rare sets of books. You can buy books related with poetry, Swiis punk, European and American literature, science fiction, magazines and vinyl. Dance shows and concerts are also being hosted in the library. After visiting this library, you will surely visit again because of its hybrid nature.

4. Eat chocolates at Chokola.

Chocolate enthusiasts should really eat chocolates at Chokola. Chokola which is a newly opened shop that sells chocolates. You will also find objects made of chocolate in that shop. As you enter the shop, you will see a big wall of liquid chocolate and a range of chocolate bars. The quality of the chocolate is high class and good for your health. Tourists really enjoy visiting this shop because they love taking pictures of themselves with objects made of chocolates. You can also take pictures with objects made of chocolates and send it to your friends.

Indeed, there are many exciting things to do in Lyon France. France offers a lot of tourists spots that can definitely make your vacation special. So visit Lyon, France now and experience the best vacation ever.